Case Study: Glamorgan Cricket

TESTING 2Matt Maynard says:

When I was appointed Interim Head Coach at Glamorgan County Cricket Club during the winter of 2018/19, I knew I would need to have a better understanding of the full-time players and the management team I was going to be working with.

Having known Mike for a long time, and with an eye on his relatively recent move into the world of HR and personnel, I decided to use him and Highbury Management to profile the players and staff.

We agreed to work on a hybrid of two formats:

Also known as Myers Briggs, this helps to determine an individual’s wider character traits. Although I thought I knew where many of the players would fit, I was surprised and delighted to see that I was wrong on quite a number of occasions. Guessing the type of characters you are working with can be a dangerous thing and Mike’s profiling certainly enabled me to understand each of them better and made me approach a number of them differently to how I would have done. It helped enormously.

2) Learning Styles
MBTI can be a bit confusing if used as a basic guide for specific communication purposes as it covers a variety of elements of the personality spectrum and there is a lot of information. For this reason I asked Mike also to profile the players and management through a form of learning styles. The system we used gave us one of four possible outcomes (Myers Briggs has 16): Thinker, Feeler, Enforcer or Mosquito. Again, through my knowledge of this system I thought I would know the players. Wrong again!!

Mike’s profiling and the detailed follow up work he did certainly helped me to communicate better with all of my players and support staff and as new players and management come into Glamorgan, I will definitely want to use his expertise again. It gave me some really useful information on the type of personalities we have working with us.  It was a real eye-opener.

Matt Maynard
Interim Head Coach, Glamorgan CCC