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01 Jul

Lockdown Leaders: No.2 – Duncan Fletcher

In a previous blog I referred to there being three people in sport to whom I looked up and learned from as leaders. None of the three were flawless. But they each demonstrated, to me at least, so many of the traits and behaviours that I consider so important in anyone in charge of a

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24 Jun

What’s My Type?

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of what constitutes a good team. Even more so, since studying my Masters and entering the world of organization development. Talent? Of course. Essential. Hard work? A given. But there is more to it than just talent or hard work. The actual chemistry is hard to pinpoint, and

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16 Jun

Good For Morale, Apparently…

A departure from HR and related issues this time. Hope you enjoy anyway. In case you’ve missed it (which, given the fact much of the media seems to be talking about little else, would be something of a surprise), the Premier League is back this week. Or at least a version of it is. There

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11 Jun

Why Always Meet?

Reading an article in this month’s People Management, the CIPD’s monthly magazine, I was taken with a reference to a cartoon (shown below) about meetings. How true it is. In many office-based vocations one may end up being stuck in meetings for an average of around a dozen hours a week. Some would be more,

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04 Jun

That Difficult First Book

In between work for clients, catching up on CPD and promoting the company and the work I do, there’s been plenty of opportunity in lockdown for some good old-fashioned ‘me-time’. In my own case that’s meant plenty of reading, dipping back into relearning some Italian and, after an aborted experiment in trying to learn the

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28 May

Lockdown Leaders: No.1 – Mike Brearley

One of the joys of this whole lockdown period – for me, anyway – is that it has provided a prolonged and guiltless opportunity to read. Anyone who knows me will know that I am never too far away from a book. Fiction or non-fiction, I love reading. My whole family does. Over the last

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20 May

Learning To Learn: The Joy Of CPD

Hands up. Who hasn’t been spending the last couple of months working on their Continuing Professional Development, or CPD as it’s more commonly known? There surely cannot be a better time for many of us to be examining gaps in our learning and challenging ourselves to do that little bit of reading, reflecting, or sitting

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14 May

A New World of Work

Leadership. Whatever your chosen career, and whatever stage you are at within that career, it’s a word that will doubtless have already cropped up on many occasions. I hear people talking about it almost every day. Many have no idea whatsoever what it actually means, they’re just parroting out a definition, but that’s by the

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06 May

Solo, But Not So Low…

I’ll be honest. Although for the majority of the lockdown I’ve coped OK, these last few days have been a real struggle. Until then there had been a strange kind of comfort in knowing that everyone in the country has been in exactly the same situation. Well, not everyone. I can’t imagine The Queen has

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29 Apr

How Furlough Can You Go?

One of the really helpful resources for anyone working in HR during this time of being confined to barracks is the CIPD. I have been a member for eight years, when I completed my Masters, and the support the CIPD continues to provide, both on its website and through its various updates, has been invaluable.

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